Energy Literacy for Energy Communities: a brand new NEWCOMERS handbook

After months of hard work, we are happy to launch our handbook, titled Energy Literacy for Energy Communties.

The handbook by the NEWCOMERS communication partners Mojca Drevenšek and Iva Tajnšek and with contributions from NEWCOMERS partners and other experts in the field of energy.

By reading this handbook, you’ll explore different aspects and viewpoints regarding energy generation and consumption, energy transitions more broadly, and the role energy communities play in this complex system.

The handbook is divided into 8 chapters, going from more general energy-related topics to focusing into energy communities and their role in our society. You can read the handbook from beginning till end, or refer to relevant chapters if and when needed.


If you enjoy our handbook, make ture to share it with others. 

The handbook will be translated into German, Dutch, Swedish, Italian and Slovenian, so make sure to check back often!