3rd Contrators' Workshop on Social Sciences and Humanities

The NEWCOMERS project coordinator Dr. Julia Blasch (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) and Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation Lead Mojca Drevensek (Consensus Communications) have actively participated at the H2020 3rd Contractors' Workshop on Social Sciences and Humanities.

Following the introductory presentations from the European Commission on the role of SSH in the transition to a low-carbon energy system a discussion has developed on:

- what is needed from energy consumers and European citizens and

- what EC expects from the projects and what projects expect from EU policy makers.

For NEWCOMERS as true newcomers to the H2020 SSH projects arena it was both challenging and inspiring to listen and take-part in the discussions.

We're happy to have received two concrete new obligations, which we see as opportunities for defining and extracting synergies among existing H2020 SSH projects. Both are connected especially to the H2020 project's newsletters and the development of digital educational / learning platforms.

We'll do our best to get the most of this SSH projects partnerships in the following years as the NEWCOMERS will implement our project activities.